Experience Knee Pain Relief With Innovative Interventional Treatments

knee pain relief interventional treatment

Besides supporting total body weight, the knees also suffer a significant amount of daily wear-and-tear, in addition to the stress of athletic activities. That explains why a vast percentage of American adults live with chronic knee pain. If you seek New Jersey Knee Pain services, the specialists at New Jersey Pain, Spine, and Sports Associates guarantee outstanding results. Make an appointment to benefit from practical, advanced interventional methods. 

Causes Of Knee Pain 

Sports injuries are among the most common causes of knee pain. Sadly, anybody can experience knee pain since daily wear-and-tear causes degenerative diseases and overuse injuries. Some of the most common conditions responsible for knee pain include: 

·       Tendonitis 
·       Osteoarthritis 
·       Runner’s knee 
·       Bursitis 
·       Ligament injuries 
·       Dislocations 
·       Fractures 
·       Meniscus tears 

Complications in your hips, feet, and back may also cause painful knees. 

Accompanying Symptoms Of Knee Pain 

Injuries and conditions that trigger knee pain frequently show up with other symptoms. You may experience: 

·       Knee stiffness 
·       Joint swelling 
·       Popping or clicking noises 
·       Inability to bear weight on your knee 
·       Locked knee joint 
·       Limited movement 

In cases like stretched or torn ligaments, your knee may feel like it will give out

What Types Of Injections Relieve Knee Pain? 

With precision, Dr. Abbasi injects your knee joint with the aid of real-time imaging such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy. He regularly administers two types of knee joints that efficiently treat the pain: 

· Steroid Injections 

Steroids decrease inflammation inside the joint, which in turn reduces swelling and relieves your knee pain. As the inflammation subsides, you also get better mobility and function. 

· Viscosupplementation 

Viscosupplementation, a treatment for knee osteoarthritis, refers to injections containing hyaluronic acid. Naturally produced in the joints, hyaluronic acid lubricates the bones and facilitates smooth movement. 

Hyaluronic acid injection reduces inflammation, improves movement, and alleviates joint pain. Although it can take a few weeks for this treatment to improve the joint, its results usually last for up to six months. 

How Interventional Medicine Treats Knee Pain 

Interventional medicine targets the genicular nerves that relay pain signals from your knee to your brain. When there is a blockage in these nerve signals, your brain will not get the pain message. Thus your pain improves.

This treatment is a two-step process. Dr. Abbasi begins by injecting an anesthetic at the genicular nerves. If your pain deteriorates, then he can proceed to the second phase, a nerve ablation procedure. 

During an ablation, Dr. Abbasi utilizes a needle that sends out radiofrequency energy. He uses the energy to wound the nerves accurately. This wound blocks the pain messages till the nerve recuperates. Afterward, you can experience pain relief for about six months or a year. When these effects recede, you can repeat the procedure to maintain optimal pain relief. 

Other Services 

New Jersey Pain, Spine, and Sports Associates' list of services goes beyond knee pain. They also apply proven methods to address conditions such as: 

·       Neck pain 
·       Back pain 
·       Minimally invasive spine surgery 
·       Epidural injections 
·       Disc herniation 
·       EMG 

You Need Knee Relief Now

Do not resign to the inconveniences and discomforts of knee pain when treatment is available. Contact New Jersey Pain, Spine, and Sports Associates for lasting relief. Call or use the online scheduler today for knee pain treatment that lasts.

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