Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes Inside Your House

reasons take shoes off inside house benefits bare feet in home

You should take off your shoes inside the house. Shoes carry dirt, germs, and even a lot of faecal bacteria you don't think about. In summary, shoes have all kinds of disgusting things on them that you do not want inside your home. It’s best to take your shoes off at the front door and keep them on a shoe rack. 

Removing shoes can be more than just a sign of respect for your household or another home. Here are a few surprising benefits of taking your shoes off at home and going barefoot. 


Walking barefoot actually has a number of health benefits. It can increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation and improve your sleep – sounds dreamy, right? 

Our ancestors did not wear shoes back in the day. Barefoot walking restores our natural walking pattern and can improve your balance and body awareness. Your foot mechanics will gradually improve and lead to further improvements in your hips, knees, and core. Your foot and ankle joints will get stronger and hopefully more stable. 

Your cushioned and supportive running trainers may feel amazing, but they can actually hinder your foot mechanics. They can prevent you from using certain muscle groups and stop you from strengthening your body. Without shoes, your leg muscles will get stronger, and you can better control how your foot hits the ground. 

Keep Your Floor Looking Good 

Your outdoor shoes can also damage the floor – especially silhouette heels. Over time, your flooring will start to show signs of wear and tear, and you will need to replace it. Slippers do not damage the floor as much as shoes. You can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty and enjoy being cosy all day long. 


In hay fever season, your shoes can drag pollen into the home and trigger your hay fever. Try leaving your shoes at the door and taking an antihistamine. You may find that you need to take less allergy medication if you and your family or roommates aren't dragging your shoes through the house.

Less Cleaning 

Shoes bring in all kinds of dirt, mud, grass and even dog poo. You can save hours of cleaning just by taking your shoes off in the house. Say goodbye to daily hoovering and mopping, and hello to a new world of less cleaning. 

If you have young children and babies crawling on the floor, you need to make sure it’s clean and safe. Toxins can cling to the bottom of your shoes and spread across the house. In fact, 40,000 different types of bacteria can build up on your shoes and enter the home. All the cleaning in the world can't remove every type of toxin or bacteria from your property, and nobody wants to spend the time and effort trying!


Make your home a no-shoe zone and enjoy a much cleaner space. Your home and all of its inhabitants will thank you if they are able! Leave them in the mud room or on the shoe rack right when you walk in if you can.

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