Providing Safe And Effective Intravenous (IV) Antibiotics In Louisiana

safe effective intravenous iv antibiotics treatment

Some complex illnesses can only be treated with intravenous (IV) drugs. Thankfully, there is a reliable way to get the IV antibiotics you require at Align Infusion Clinic in Metairie, LA. As you relax, the highly competent infusion staff efficiently delivers your IV antibiotics. To access safe and efficient IV antibiotics in Metairie, call the Align Infusion Clinic office or use the online booking service to schedule an appointment today. 

When Would You Require Intravenous Antibiotics? 

IV antibiotics may be necessary in several cases, including: 

•   You cannot take oral antibiotics due to swallowing issues. 
•   A serious infection necessitating a high dose of treatment. 
•   Infectious illnesses, which are resistant to oral antibiotics. 
•   An acute infection caused by a pre-existing condition, such as cystic fibrosis. 
•   Infections in difficult-to-reach places, such as spinal fluid infections. 

Generally, doctors may prescribe IV antibiotics if you have significant medical issues or background of disorders, which raise your danger of difficulties throughout healing. 

How Does The IV Antibiotic Infusion Procedure Work? 

IV antibiotic infusions begin with introducing a needle in a big vein, generally in your arm. The needle is then sent through by a catheter, which is a thin, flexible tube. After the needle is removed, a representative of the infusion staff places a sterile bandage above the catheter to hold it in place throughout your procedure. 

After that, you may unwind while the drug slowly seeps inside your veins. So long as you remain reasonably motionless, you can read, take a brief nap, use your phone, and do anything else you want throughout your IV antibiotics treatment. 

The procedure could take one or two hours, based on the type of antibiotic used and the amount prescribed by your physician. Following your therapy, a member of the team cautiously removes the needle and applies a sterile dressing to the vein. You could experience minor bleeding that resolves shortly. 

The Align Infusion Clinic staff knows that persons who require infusion therapy desire to get their care in a warm, clean, and friendly environment rather than a chilly, clinical setting. Thus, they strive to ensure that patients enjoy the most exceptional experience they deserve and as soon as possible. 

How Frequently Will You Require IV Antibiotics? 

The frequency of IV antibiotic infusions varies significantly from one individual to another. In some cases, you could only require a single infusion. On the other hand, specific disorders may necessitate 1-3 infusion treatments each day, with an entire treatment length of one to eight weeks. 

What Are The Advantages Of Intravenous Antibiotics? 

In some circumstances, IV antibiotics could provide huge benefits over oral antibiotics, such as: 

•   They are more efficient. 
•   They are more practical. 
•   More efficient in the treatment of stubborn and difficult infections. 
•   They could lower the likelihood of rehospitalization following an illness. 
•   They provide more excellent absorption since they sidestep the digestive process. 

IV antibiotics are not appropriate in all scenarios. However, if you have a severe infection, they may be exactly what you require to recover. To book your infusion consultation, contact Align Infusion Clinic over the phone or arrange an appointment online today.

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