Your Phone Is More Dangerous Than You Think

smartphone dangerous driving text drive illegal

It seems that people nowadays can’t live without their mobile phones. The world has changed so rapidly that we have all become very much dependent on technology. And there’s really no one to blame; why would people ignore all these new inventions and apps that make their busy lives easier? The faster we can hail a cab or order food, the more time we have to do a whole lot of other things. 

It seems that a lot of activities can be accomplished through an app on your mobile device. You’re most likely reading this on your phone right now. Because of this, phones are becoming the top distraction when it comes to driving. 

Texting while driving is as risky as drinking beer and whisky. Whenever you’re behind the wheel, your full attention must be on the road at all times. Using your mobile phone is an obvious distraction that has already caused a lot of accidents that lead to lawsuits and several hard-fought insurance claims. If you wish to know more about mobile phone use and other forms of distractions when driving, you can visit pages like

As a response to the many cases of distracted driving, many states in the US have passed versions of Anti Distracted Driving Laws. Here are three things that are the highlights of those laws. 

Never Text While Driving 

This prohibition virtually exists in all laws in all countries all over the world. Never. Text. While. Driving. 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands have a text messaging ban in effect. Of course, when we text, our attention shifts from the road to the message that is appearing on the screen. Our mind gets so distracted that we might not notice that we’re driving through a red light or into oncoming traffic until it’s too late. Texting, therefore, is no doubt dangerous whenever you’re behind the wheel. 

Handheld Cellphone Use 

It is important to keep both your hands on the wheel as you drive. Using one hand to tinker with your phone can easily spell an accident. It is also important to place your phone out of the designated line of sight which is the windshield. If you have a holder on your car, place it there. Set your destination before driving when using a GPS app and as much as possible, use only hands-free functions and applications if you need to accomplish something while on the road. Cellphone ban Whether you’re holding it or not, thirty-nine states and D.C. ban mobile phone use for novice or teen drivers. Given the fact that this age group has the most number of users of mobile phones, this law can be a challenge to implement, but it surely makes sure that all young people on the streets are safe from any possible accident. If there really is a need to use the phone while on the road, a driver in these territories should give their phone to one of their passengers. If you’re not driving alone, let one someone else be the navigator or the DJ. For those driving alone, it’s always safest to pull over at the side of the road if you need to make a phone call or look up directions on your phone. 


Being on the road is inherently very risky, and getting involved in a crash brings with it a lot of legal and physical hassles. While having mobile phones is important because these gadgets help us move around much more efficiently, drivers should always think of the consequences of being distracted while behind the wheel.

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