Freelance Business Plan: How To Write One

how to write a freelance business plan freelancing strategy roadmap

One of the mistakes many freelancers commit is failing to realize that they are into a real business. 

And since freelancing is similar to business, freelancers need to have a business plan in place. 

Sadly, most freelancers don’t create a business plan, and they experience a lack of motive, focus, and profits. They think simply being good what they do is enough — BUT IT’S NOT! 

As you are already here, I believe you understand the importance of having a business plan. That’s a great thing for freelancers! 

You may wonder what a freelancing roadmap looks like. 

Stay tuned until the end of this article. I will walk you through every component of a freelance business plan. 

Here are the things you should include in your Freelance Business Plan; 

Marketing Plan 

Under this section, you will give insights into the 4Ps of your freelancer business plan. 

Product / Service: Here, you will reemphasize the freelance services you provide. 

Place: You should document the location where you will offer your freelancing services. 

Price: In this section, you will give your freelance pricing or package details. 

Promotions: This is where you will explain how you would attract prospective clients. Is it going to be cold-calling, Email marketing, Direct messaging, social media platforms, Upwork, LinkedIn, Craig's List, etc.? 

Did you know email marketing is an ideal way to acquire new freelancing leads and retain existing customers? All you need is a healthy email list. You could use an email search tool like to find emails quickly and accurately. 

Profile Overview 

In the profile overview section, you must include answers to the below two questions: 

• What type of freelance business are you operating? 

• What are your accomplishments in this field so far? 

Here is the significance of these 2 important questions and answers for your new freelancing business.

What Type Of Freelance Business Are You Operating? 

This gives clarity to your target audience on what to expect from you. They will whether you offer the service they are looking for. 

What Accomplishments Have You Achieved To Date? 

Documenting your accomplishments helps you greatly. 

For example, it gives you the confidence that you can do things on your own as a freelancer and that business owners can look up to you for the solution. 

Besides, showcasing your accomplishments will build credibility and help cheer new clients to collaborate with you. 

Industry Analysis 

You will highlight the type of industries you will work with or offer services. 

And also, research the current industry trends to ensure that you have the right skills to fulfill the present industrial needs. 

Customer Analysis 

In this section, you will define the customers you want to serve. 

A good understanding of who your ideal clients are and what they need will help you draw these clients’ attention towards you much more straightforward. 


The team section is where you will mention the other team members you have or will need in the future to achieve your projects’ goals. 

Financial Plan 

Your freelance financial plan should reveal your profit and loss projections for the next couple of years. 

You can showcase these projections easily using a spreadsheet. 

Final Thoughts On Freelance Business Plans

Armed with the information shared in this article, I believe you would be able to create a business plan for your freelance business. 

As I said before, a freelancer business plan will help you identify your goals and the best strategies to grow your freelance career, showing the best method for you to follow and giving you a clear roadmap to make money freelancing.

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