Symptoms Of Asthma Explained By Experts In Bastrop

symptoms of asthma explained by medical experts

Asthma problems are associated with many secondary symptoms. A condition is characterized by symptoms such as recurrent attacks of wheezing, breathlessness, and other such breathing issues. The frequency of these attacks and the severity of the issue vary from one person to another, and so do the treatment options. 

Dr. Pompoye C. Chavez, MD, is an expert in handling the issues that are related to allergies and asthma. This Bastrop asthma & allergies expert offers tailored treatments for children and adults based on the severity of asthma. You can contact and book an appointment by visiting their official webpage to help prevent or minimize asthmatic issues. 

Asthma Symptoms 

Many symptoms indicate the condition of asthma in patients. They are listed below: 

● Wheezing 

Also known as the whistling or squeaking sound caused in the airways’, wheezing is a condition associated with issues of air turbulence in a person. The narrowed airways make it difficult for the flow of air while breathing, resulting in the wheezing sound from outside the chest whenever a person breathes. 

● Coughing 

The cough that is associated with asthma is irritating and repetitive. Patients who have asthma continuously cough during the night, while exercising, and while laughing. However, not all coughs are associated with asthma. Hence, being checked by an asthma specialist in Bastrop is suggested. 

● Shortness Of Breath 

Shortness of breath is caused because of many reasons. It can be after severe workout sessions, emotional stress, running or jogging, and so on. Sometimes, the blockage of the nasal lining is caused by mucus accumulation and can result in shortness of breath. However, asthmatic patients will not only suffer from shortness of breath but also may collapse during their workout sessions because of the blockage of the air. 

● Tightness In Chest 

Hard workout sessions will result in tightness in the chest region. People suffering from asthma deal with a different kind of chest tightness that cannot be relieved even with the help of ventilator support. This condition is caused because of the narrowness of the airways. 

● Allergic Triggers 

Allergic triggers can also result in asthmatic attacks in people, as per the asthma specialists in Bastrop. Some of the allergic triggers that are the cause of asthmatic attacks include: 

1. Cockroaches
2. Dust mites 
3. Mold
4. Pet dander 
5. Smoke
6. Fumes 

Avoiding Asthma

The best way of experiencing relief from an asthmatic attack is by keeping the surroundings clean and tidy. Getting rid of the pests that can cause life-threatening issues in the residents should be done with the help of local pest control services. Make sure to book an appointment for a routine checkup every once in a while.

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