Arthritis And Treatment Related To It Available In Scottsdale, AZ, And Phoenix, AZ

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The inflammation in the joints causes Arthritis. It affects single joints or multiple joints. There are nearly a hundred types of arthritis. The cause for each type is different and is treated by different methods. The most common Arthritis types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and gout. 

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Arthritis symptoms may appear suddenly or develop over time. The common symptoms involve stiffness, swelling, and joint pain. The symptoms worsen in the morning or when you stand up after resting for a long time. 


Arthritis is caused due to obesity, age, injuries, tearing of joints due to overuse, autoimmune disorders, muscle weakness, family or genetic history. 


If you are not sure about whom to see for diagnosing Arthritis, then consulting a primary care physician is the first good step. They conduct a physical examination and check for the amount of fluid around the joints, red or warm joints, and keep a record of the motion range in the joints. They may refer you to an Arthritis specialist if required. 

Consult a rheumatologist first if you are facing severe symptoms. They will provide quick treatment and diagnose you better. Documenting levels of inflammation in the blood and analyzing fluid in joints helps the doctor to determine the kind of Arthritis you are suffering with. 


The most important goal of treating Arthritis is to reduce the pain and to prevent additional damages. Arthritis is treated by combining the following methods. 

● Physical therapy. 
● Supplements and medications. 
● Nutrient-rich diet. 
● Weight loss if necessary. 
● Occupational therapy. 
● Cold and heat compress. 
● Regular exercise. 
● Mobility assistance devices like walkers or canes. 

Moderate weight management reduces the risk of OA. Maintaining a diet that includes antioxidants reduces inflammation. You need to avoid processed foods, dairy products, fried foods, and overconsumption of meat if you have Arthritis. 

Arthritic Assistance

If Arthritis is left untreated, then the symptoms may worsen and affect your daily activities. There is no valid cure for arthritis but providing the right treatment helps to reduce the symptoms. Along with the treatment recommended by the doctor, you have to make changes in your lifestyle to accommodate your arthritic joints. This helps in managing your arthritis to avoid a reduction in your activities of daily living (ADL).

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