5 Significant Advantages Of Concierge Medicine

advantages concierge medicine

You have likely experienced the disappointment of waiting weeks for a doctor’s appointment only to be stuck in a waiting room for hours. As per a recent study of clinicians, the average wait time for a session with a new doctor in the United States is roughly 24 days. Furthermore, potential patients should expect to rest their feet for around 18 minutes once they arrive. It is no surprise the number of people signing up for direct primary or concierge care is on the rise in the U.S. Typically, concierge medicine gives you accessibility to your physician that you would not get through a conventional doctor-patient arrangement. As a patient of Corrielus Cardiology, you may experience the benefits of Philadelphia concierge medicine for a reasonable cost. To learn more, make an appointment through mobile or book online. Here are some of the advantages of concierge medicine for your health: 

1. Improved Patient-Physician Connections 

Concierge medicine makes it easier for you and your doctor to form a strong connection. You are likely to create a familiar and trusting relationship with your doctor if you have more direct access. Besides, it might also make you more motivated to adhere to preventative care advice. 

2. Instantaneous And Unrestricted Access 

Whenever a medical emergency happens, such as a heart attack or stroke, there is no doubt that something is amiss and that quick attention is required. Nevertheless, if you have an illness that generates vague symptoms, it might not be obvious that you necessitate medical help right away. 

Concierge medicine at Corrielus Cardiology eliminates the obstacles to care that could cause possibly hazardous delays by providing you with 24/7 direct access to the staff. The professionals are always accessible and only a text or phone call away. That implies you will not have to second-guess how to deal with problems that develop between appointments, risking wasting time that could have a significant impact on your results. 

3. There Is Little To No Wait Time To Make A Consultation 

As stated before, seeing a family medicine physician takes approximately 24 days. That wasted time could cause your illness to worsen as you wait, and it could even influence the form of treatment you need. 

Concierge physicians have more command over their availability since they restrict the number of patients they take. As a concierge patient, you will have recourse to same-day consultations, allowing you to resolve your issues and ailments as soon as possible. 

4. Spend More Time With Your Doctor 

Although nearly half of primary care doctors arrange patient sessions at 15-minute intervals, concierge doctors spend an average of 35 minutes on every patient visit. The rush to finish an office appointment in a short period could result in missed chances for patient education and guidance. A concierge doctor's additional time with you permits a more comprehensive review instead of focusing solely on your chief concern for the appointment. 

5. A Whole Range Of Services 

A concierge medical clinic, such as Corrielus Cardiology, is fitted with cutting-edge laboratory and diagnostic devices, including X-rays, EKGs, and in-office lab tests. Thus, you rest assured of an accurate diagnosis in addition to the full scope of services available. 

Concierge Conclusion

Whether you require professional care for yourself, your spouse, or your kid, concierge medicine services got your back! Explore more benefits of turning to concierge medicine by calling Corrielus Cardiology or requesting an appointment online.

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