Mass Text vs Group MMS Differences

mass text vs group mms differences messaging

When we are talking about text messages, mass text and group messages can sound similar. However, they are different in the way they operate. You can easily send mass text messages from your computer to as many people as you would like, depending on the software you use. Group MMS is ideal for a small number of recipients and mass text is ideal for when you have a large amount of recipients. With group MMS, it’s like that operating systems may limit the number of recipients you are sending a message to. 

If you are a business trying to connect personally with your customers, mass text messages are the best way to have single conversations and interactions with your customers. If you have a wide customer base, it is likely that you will want to consider mass text messages over group MMS. 

However, before you decide, let's look into the key differences between mass text and group MMS.

What Is The Difference Between SMS And MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service whereas SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. With SMS mass text messages, there can’t be more than 160 characters of text whereas MMS supports multimedia content. However, SMS deems to be more reliable as it is supported by pretty much every cell phone used today. It even works with non-smartphones. 

This makes delivery to a wide variety of cell phones more likely as opposed to MMS. Being able to send mass text messages as SMS messages to a high volume of people can streamline delivery and create a higher success rate with each customer. 

What Is The Difference Between Mass Text And Group Messaging?

As stated above, mass text messages work better for a large number of recipients. For group MMS, you can only send a text to a handful of people at once. The main difference is that group MMS sends a text to a group of recipients and they can see all of the group members’ responses. Mass text messages can be sent as SMS messages and create separate conversations with each recipient. This allows businesses to interact with customers personally and make connections. 

Mass text messages also provide a level of privacy that group messaging does not. If you are sending a group MMS, you might be creating a group of people that have no connection to each other. This can create confusion for recipients, as well as uncomfortability with their responses being seen by people they do not know. If you need to send a text to thousands of people and you are using group MMS, you will likely create many different groups in order to send the text to all of the intended recipients. This can make it difficult to track mass texting responses, as well as engage one-on-one with customers. With mass text messages, you can send the same message to thousands of recipients and create an individual conversation with each. 

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, each response to mass texts can be individually recorded and added to spreadsheets to help with marketing strategies. 

Mass Text Benefits 

With mass text messages sent out in bulk from your computer, you can use creative ways to engage with customers. If a customer opts in to receiving mass text messages, you can use keywords to create conversations. For example, a customer might text a keyword to a business to trigger an automatic response that can unlock promotions, sales, and insider information. You can also use mass text messages to create surveys that allow people to rate their experience with companies and how they can improve. 

Companies are even using them for applications, status updates, appointment reminders, and RSVPs. Appointment reminders are common because you can easily schedule mass text messages using a CRM platform. If a customer has an appointment coming up, the system is notified and an automatic message is sent out for when it was scheduled. If you have sales and promotions that begin at midnight, you can schedule a mass text to be sent out to opted-in contacts to tell them the sale has begun while you are fast asleep in your bed. 

When a customer decides they no longer want to receive messages or continue a conversation, they can reply with one word to opt out of receiving mass text messages. This can be much more difficult for customers involved in group MMS. 

Which Texting Style Is For You? 

Although mass text messages and group MMS may sound like they are the same, they are very different in terms of how they operate and interact with customers. Group MMS sends a bulk text to a group of recipients. Each recipient is able to see other recipients’ replies, whereas mass text messages are sent in bulk but not as a group message. This way, recipients enter into a one-on-one conversation with a business instead of receiving replies from other contacts they do not know. 

With mass text messages, you can schedule and use keywords to engage with customers. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether mass text messages or group MMS work better for you. Make sure to get the right messaging across!

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