Review: 4C Energy Rush Totally Light 2 Go Packets

       Let me first say that no I am not sponsored or paid by 4C...but I wish I was! I love this product so much it isn't even funny. I first started getting these about 2 years ago when I reallized that each packet had the same exact ingredients as 2x 8 oz Sugar Free Red Bull...but at about 30 cents a packet! They used to have 3 boxes with flavor choices of orange, citrus, or berry with 14 packets in each box. Now they have variety packs with 18 packets in each box for the same price! Score. Each packet mixes in about 16 oz of water (more or less depending on your tastes), tastes excellent, and gives you a big and convenient pick-me-up. If you like energy drinks (especially sugar-free ones) or you are a fellow caffeine-addict, you definately need to check out this incredible bargain of a product.

The Best Bargain In Energy Drinks On The Market!

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