Muscle Conditioning Workout Class Routine

(For a 1 Hour Class)

30-45 seconds jumping jacks
30-45 seconds butt kicks
20-30 seconds high knees
20-30 seconds side to side
(1 minute jump rope if possible)

1x Squat with bodyweight
1x Sumo Squat with bodyweight
1x lunges with bodyweight
1x side lunges
*Stretch *
1x Dumbell Squats
1x Sumo Squats
1x Lunges (alternating, front and back)
1x Deadlifts
1x Calf Raises in and out
1x Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
1x Calf raises rocking back and forth

Quick Break *

Chest, Triceps, Front Shoulders:
1x Regular Pushups
1x Wide Pushups
1x Close Grip Diamond Pushups
1x Opposite shoulder touches
1x Planks
1x Planks
1x Quadripeds
1x Chest presses on platform
1x Chest flies
1x Chest presses palms facing each other
1x Chest presses dumbbells together close-grip
1x Skullcrushers
1x Dumbells lowered to chest
1x one arm upward rows
1x Overhead Tricep Extension
1x Tricep Kickback

Stretch and Break*

Shoulders, Biceps, Back
1x military press with palms facing each other
1x military press
1x lateral dumbbell raises
1x front dumbbell raises (pronated, supinated, 1 at a time)
1x upward rows and shrugs
1x outer curls
1x curls
1x hammer curls
1x preacher curls
1x one arm upward rows
1x External rotations
1x wrist curls

1x Superset of abs
1x plank
Stretch *

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