Hypersexual & Sexist Equinox Fitness Ads

Nearly every company and brand uses sex to sell their products. You'll find this marketing tactic in everything from laundry detergent commercials to car commercials. Fitness businesses have always known that sex sells, but Equinox Fitness takes it to a whole new level with their rather forthright use of sexuality. There have been some applauding this ambitious marketing campaign by Terry Richardson, although many others have been angered and offended. They are even having a great deal of backlash from their own members. What do you think? 

And there's another dozen or so of these ads floating around on billboards, posters, magazines, and maybe even on this website haha. Equinox has been getting significant criticism but perhaps their motto (besides "sex sells") is that "any publicity is good publicity". What do you think?

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