Supplement Review: Generic Caffeine Tablets (Final Grade: C-)

General Information: Caffeine is a powerful drug that has stimulant properties that can increase your metabolism, fat burning, and energy while decreasing pain and fatigue. Caffeine is naturally occurring in tea, coffee, chocolate, yerba mate, and other foods. When caffeine is combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, it may help to enhance fat loss results. I’m not personally endorsing that anyone start popping caffeine pills, but if you are currently paying $4 for a cup of coffee or an energy drink, you have to realize that the same amount of caffeine is in a 10 cent pill. It puts things in perspective if you are simply looking for a caffeine boost and not necessarily the taste or enjoyment of a cup of coffee, tea, or energy drink.

Cost: A generic container of about 100 caffeine tablets costs about $10 at CVS. Brand name “fat burner” pills are often little more than caffeine and some added herbs and B-Vitamins but they cost about three to five times more.

Risks/Side Effects: See “A Note On Caffeine”. Also keep in mind that caffeine is addicting and having a cheap bottle of easily ingested caffeine pills can be very dangerous for some people to have around. This may sound ridiculous but it is a lot easier to overdose on pills than on energy drinks or coffee. If you have a problem with pills or addiction, do not purchase caffeine pills of any type.

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