Total Body Fat Burning & Toning Workout

For individuals that put on muscle easily (not for hardgainers)

Workout Guidelines:
-15-20 reps per set
-Short breaks between sets (30-90 seconds tops)
-Breathe every rep (exhale when contracting your muscle, inhale when stretching the muscle)
-Excellent form
-Hydrate before/during/after workout
-Carbs an hour or two before workout for energy (ideally with some protein)
-Protein after workout
-Intersperse cardio intervals after every 2-4 sets of weight training to keep heart rate up and burn more fat and put on less muscle!!!!!

(x=1 set)
Workout 1.0: Total Body and Cardio
5 Minute Warmup Cybex ArcTrainer w/Arm Handles Resistance 30 Incline 6 (Vary Grips)
2 Minute Warmup Cybex Stairclimber Speed 30
3x Leg Press Machine 140-160 lbs, seat at 6
3x Low Row Machine 60-70 lbs, seat at 6
3x Seated Cable Row Machine (Wide Parallel Grip Attachment) 60 lbs
2x Chest Press Machine 55-65 lbs use both grips, seat at 6
2x Incline Chest Press Machine 50-60 lbs use both grips, seat at 6
3x Abominal Crunch Machine 45-50 lbs 20-25 REPS!!!!
2x Dumbbell Bicep Hammer Curls and Regular Curls 10-15 lb dumbbells
2x Pushups 15-20 reps each time
2x Crunches (20-25 reps) + Hip Bridges (hold 10 seconds for 3 times/set)
2x Quadripeds 2 second holds then switch + 10 second plank
*5x 2-3 Minute Cardio Intervals Moderate-High Intensity!!!! (any cardio except cardio wave)
5 Minute Cooldown Bike Resistance 8-10 Speed 70-80 RPM
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