Frugal Workouts: Gym Equipment Substitutes

Who says you need an expensive gym membership to get a great workout?! Try out some of these alternatives to traditional workout equipment and get some RESULTS! 

Substitutes For Weights:
-Water Bottles
-Gallons of Water or Milk
-Soup Cans
-Grocery Bags

Substitutes for Cardio Machines:
-Chalk on Pavement
-Sledge Hammer
-Axe / Hatchet
-Snow Shovel
-Push Lawnmower
-Car Pushes

Substitute for Bodyweight Exercise Machines & Structures:
-Jungle Gym
-Swing Set
-Wooden Beams
-Bar Stools
-Rag / Paper Towels / Furniture Moving Discs

Substitutes for Stretching Machines:
-Extension Cord
-Dog Leash

Frugal Fitness