Screw The BowFlex! Just Say NOFlex!

BowFlex? For $3,500 Just Say No Flex!
I will give you the best example of wasted money for the average person and that is purchasing a very expensive home gym machine like the BowFlex. While it is an excellent machine and very effective if used correctly, you can honestly get the same benefits from an old rusty pair of dummbells, a $5 resistance band, and your own body. Add in a physioball and pullup bar for another $40 total and you have everything you need and more. The Bowflex works great for some people, but it's $2,500-3,500 price tag and lack of portability aren't worth it for most people that end up using it as an expensive coat rack. I have personally talked several clients and other individuals out of buying a BowFlex because I knew they would end up using the cheaper equipment more and with less financial strain.

Oh well I guess this means I won't be getting that endorsement from BowFlex anytime soon. Tragic indeed.

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