Dunlop MX71 Tire Review

dunlop mx71 tire review dirtbike tires rating

Even the most casual dirt bike riders wind up hearing the buzz around new tire designs when they are picked up by a top competitor. While it’s true that the right equipment doesn’t always make for victory, it’s equally true that unless a rider is savvy enough to find the perfect fit for their riding style when they pick out tires and other upgrades, they aren’t going to be able to coax the full performance out of a bike. 

Fans of AMA Supercross rider Ryan Dungey will recognize the Dunlop MX71 tire from his use of the model in competition, and if your riding style has a lot in common with his, you’ll probably enjoy what this tire has to offer. 

Design And Tire Purpose 

The first thing to remember is that this tire is not built for all track styles. There are designs meant for intermediate and softer dirt in this line, the MX71 is specifically the Dunlop dirt bike tire optimized for harder dirt surfaces, and the tire’s structure and tread pattern show it. 

- Stiffer than competitors for more flexibility 
- Increased durability over the MX71’s predecessors, the 745 and 739 
- Differential tread patterns that work synergistically 

Understanding The MX71 Tread Pattern 

By using different but complementary designs in the front and rear, Dunlop engineered these tires to provide a unique handling experience that suits many riders’ styles. The front tire uses a cross-stitch pattern that makes for improved cornering traction that many riders will recognize because it innovates from the tire designs that have delivered consistent cornering performance across a variety of 2- wheeled machine designs. 

The rear tire uses what riders have nicknamed the double tornado wave, a wide, combination of lugs and knobs that digs in to provide traction during acceleration while cooperating with the front-end design to improve the bike’s overall handling. The result is one of the best dirt bike tires on the market today, according to most reviews and many of the pros who choose them. 

Customizing Your Dirt Bike Further 

While the right tire is a big part of what makes a bike work with a rider’s style, it’s not the only component. If you are looking to optimize your bike for your best performance, you need to be able to find cheap motorcycle parts from the best manufacturers out there today, so you don’t compromise on quality. While that’s a tall order, it’s not an impossible one. 

If you want to get the best prices on the parts the pros use, you need to have a great source and a savvy eye for sales. The source matters because only the largest collections of parts and accessories will be able to carry the full range of gear you’re looking for, and large suppliers can also provide better deals because of their volume of business. On top of that, when those big retailers online have closeouts, you can get performance parts for as much as 80 percent off the MSRP. It’s just a matter of shopping smart and knowing where to go for the best bike parts for any motor sports.

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