Frugal Recipe: Easy Grilled Potato & Onion Gratin

For those people who love to grill their vegetables on the grill this is simple and easy! Enjoy!

Contributed by Helen Chin Lui 

Easy Grilled Potato and Onion Gratin
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time on the grill: 10-15 minutes

*one, any size, peeled, sliced thinly (evenly) potato per person (any potato except Idaho, red potato does not required peeling.)
*Depending on how much onion you like, sliced thinly one medium or large onion (white or red.)
*salt and pepper to taste
*dots of vegetable oil buttery spread

To make bundles: In the center of a large, heavy or double layer of aluminum foil, pile sliced potato and sliced onion. Salt and pepper and dot the top with butter. Bring the ends of the aluminum foil together, twist and close the top. Put bundle not directly in center of the grill, but somewhat to the side and grill bundle for approximately 10 mins. If the bottom gets too dark most likely the potato will burn. When opening the bundles, be careful. The hot potato creates a great deal of steam. Top with sour cream. Yum! For variation and zap you can add sliced green, red or hot peppers.

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