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May 25, 2012

Water Trick To Save Money & Calories!

So you're about to head out to a party, fiesta, gathering, outing, etc and you are afraid you are going to pig out like a beast and/or end up spending your whole paycheck on food and drinks. I know I've done it a hundred times over the years and fear doing it once in awhile still. Well fear not ladies and frugalmen, because the Water Trick is free! All you have to do before you head out to the event in question is chug 12-20 ounces of water (if you want to get super healthy maybe Brita Filter it up, classy!) beforehand and it will fill you up without adding calories or debt. It can help naturally reduce appetite, I've found for much longer than an hour. You can continue drinking moderate amounts of water beyond this, within reason of course (don't want to overhydrate), to help reduce the chances of gorging on junk food, junk drinks, or booze.

Other great options: Tea, black coffee, oatmeal (the real kind), veggies, almonds / natural pb / almond butter
Same principle: Fill up and reduce cravings without adding a big caloric or financial onus

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