Frugal Healthy Recipe: Avocado Tomato Chicken Goodness

Contributed By Christie O, Author of Average Moms Wear Capes

A Quick, Easy & Healthy Way to Make Chicken

As you may know, we’re a week into the October #Unprocessed challenge and we’re eating mostly, if not all, unprocessed meals and snacks. Lots of fruits and veggies and I’ve even changed out our sugar to raw sugar. This has taken some effort on my part because there are certain things that just are not unprocessed, like already shredded cheeses and some canned goods and I’ve had to really find substitutes. It’s been totally worth it though.

What IS unprocessed though, is whole fruits and veggies, that you can bank on. The only issue there is whether or not you should go organic. I don’t always. Regardless, this is a recipe I made this week multiple times because I loved it so much and it was great for lunches, grilled chicken with a chopped avocado tomato topping: DELICIOUS.
So here is the recipe, it is very simple.
Yum yum. Get in my belly.
My kids ate this and the husband happily took the leftovers for dinner. This is one of those toppings you can make well in advance and have it to eat off of all week.)

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