Free Lean Meal Plan: 2,500 Calories

Time for another phenomenal Frugal Fitness free meal plan! Eat your heart out!

- Veggie Omelette 
- Multivitamin and 2 Flaxseed Oil Capsules 
- Coffee with skim milk and Truvia

Snack #1: 
- Hummus with 2 whole grain pitas 

- Grilled Chicken and Veggie wrap with whole wheat pita 
- Water with lemon
- Bag of Baked Lays Potato Chips 

Snack #2: 
- Scoop of Dymatize Whey protein and water 

- Turkey breast 
- Sweet Potato 
- Spinach Salad with light dressing and cheese 
- Whole Grain Roll with margarine 
- Decaf Tea or water 

Snack #3: 
- 8 oz Glass of skim milk with protein powder scoop 

Water and/or Decaffeinated Green Tea Throughout The Day!

Enjoy the lean muscle building while keeping your six pack abs!

Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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