My Bodybuilding Supplements For Drug Free Lean Muscle

My Healthy Bodybuilding Diet Supplements:

1) Whey/Casein Protein Powder- I don’t even consider protein powder to be a supplement anymore, I treat it as a normal food pretty much. It is cheap, convenient, decent tasting, high in protein, and low/no fat and carbs. Whey Protein has the best profile of amino acids out of any protein source when it comes to BCAA’s and Glutamine so it helps build and maintain muscle mass the best. Casein Protein is almost as good and provides excellent long-lasting and slow-releasing protein throughout my days at work and while I am sleeping. I mix it with skim milk currently for extra protein/calcium/vitamin d but I’ll have to stop that any day now to reduce my simple sugar and overall carb intake. I probably take in about 120-150 grams of supplemental whey/casein protein a day which might be a little high but I don’t care. I use Nectar whey isolate protein powder because it is carb/fat free even though it is expensive and Dymatize 12 hour protein powder because it is cheap, tastes good, no sugars, and no saturated fats. I’ve tried a lot but this stuff is some of the best out there.

2) Cheap Multivitamin For Men- Same Exact Ingredients as Brand Name and a good micronutrient insurance policy. I go for CVS, 2 for $10 deal.

3) Kickers 80 Hour Energy Spray- Each spray bottle contains 25 cups of coffee worth of caffeine and only costs $2-3. Also contains plenty of B-6, B-12, and Niacin for increased metabolism. For what it’s worth, (probably not much) Green Tea is listed as the second ingredient for sources of caffeine…so maybe a few micrograms of antioxidants in there too haha. Quick-Acting and Convenient, never leave home without it.

4) Green Tea Extract- I only take these because I got some Mega-T packs on clearance at Walgreens for $2 a pop. Contains plenty of Green Tea Extract (Decaf, I already get plenty of caffeine from my Kickers Spray etc) along with plenty of B-Vitamins, Iodine, and lots of chromium. A good bargain but by no means a staple. If I’m good or lucky I’ll get in a cup or two of green or black tea as well for added natural antioxidants and ECGC.

5) 4C On The Go Energy Rush Packets- Sugar Free Energy Packets that you add to water, each one is the same as 2x 8 oz. sugar free red bulls and only cost about 20 cents each! Various flavors for variety. I though they stopped selling these 6 months ago but then I rediscovered them everywhere recently, they are now an even better bargain at their variety pack with the 3 flavors.

6) Flaxseed Oil Capsules- Cheap at CVS buy one get one free, I switched from FishOil because Flaxseed Oil has more Omega-3’s per serving size and there is no risk of mercury contamination. I usually take 3-5g a day spread out but I will probably stop taking them soon before the bodybuilding contest to eliminate any unnecessary sources of fat.

7) Creatine- I only use Nano-Vapor still because I have it leftover and want to use it up, it has about 12 grams of simple sugars that I try to avoid in strict dieting. I have had a container of old-school Creatine Monohydrate that I will use after my last few servings to maintain energy levels, muscle strength, and muscle size as I am dieting and doing more and more cardio. I will also be stopping my creatine intake once I am 8-12 weeks out from my competition to avoid any unwanted water retention or muscle cramps.

Sounds like a long list but I only pick supplements that are safe, legal, effective, and proven (as much as possible) with plenty of legitimate scientific literature that shows it works. The only other supplement right now that I may utilize is Vitamin C for immune system since I will be working out a lot and eating less (both of which can deplete Vitamin C and other antioxidant levels). It may also help play a role in reducing joint inflammation along with my Flaxseed Oil capsules.

Enjoy these products if you are trying to maintain or lower your bodyfat. Also, check out my article Top Supplements to see what other products are crucial no matter what your fitness goals may be.

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