The Best Nutritional Supplements!

Clients and friends ask me all the time what I would recommend for protein powders, vitamins, fat burners, and so on. Should I be taking creatine? Do fat-burners really work? I've been taking vitamins, protein powders, fat-burners, and a myriad of other healthy and beneficial nutritional supplements for many years now. I've found some incredible products and great bargains, but I've also purchased some complete rip-offs that have cost me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over the years. That is part of my job though as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I must first-hand experience the trial and error that is the supplement industry to better recommend supplements to clients in an unbiased manner. I make myself the guinea pig for a long time before I ever recommend a product to another person. You, the client, get to benefit from my successful and not so successful experiences and purchases.

The most important thing about this list of supplements is that I have personally tested out all of them and continue to use them myself nearly everyday. I have been using many of these supplements for years with only positive results. I do not waste my money on ineffective, unproven, or unsafe products so there is no junk on this list, only the best of the bet. I also don't waste money on the most expensive brands or products unless they are the very best, so most of these products are affordable to use consistently.

Anyways, read on and enjoy the Best of the Best:

Best Bargain Product:
Dymatize 12 Hour Protein Powder:

Best Tasting Protein Bars:
Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar:

Best Pre-Workout:

First Place:
BSN NO-Xplode Pre-Workout:

Second Place:
MuscleTech NanoVapor Pre-Workout:

Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder:
Syntrax Nectar Fruity 100% Whey Protein:

Best Fat-Burner:
MuscleTech Hydroxycut Fat-Burners:

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