4 Advantages To BTC And Top Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

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The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has changed the way we conduct online transactions. It is the fastest and freest way to transfer money to any place in the world. It is easy to shrug off an idea as novel as Bitcoin. But is not easy to find out an alternate to something as robust as Bitcoin. The brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto has now become the world’s most sought after form of cryptocurrency. So many people in the media keep bashing this currency and it has become widely criticized throughout the world. Its valuation and acceptance rate have fluctuated wildly over the last few years after all. But there are also many real reasons why Bitcoin is here to stay and prosper in the long-term beyond 2024. 

No Central Control Needed

Central Banks in almost all countries of the world standardize and regulate the flow of money. A Central bank theoretically controls every single dollar coming in and out of its country. You cannot escape the wrath of central bank policies that are often not too friendly for businesses. Bitcoin gives every person and business a chance to transact with anyone anywhere in the world. You do not need to pass through a long set of banking rules. Decentralization of control also makes the currency a lot more secure. 

Transactions Beyond Borders 

Bitcoin does not discriminate against anyone due to their background. Bitcoin will make sure that you get the money through to anything you want. Sometimes, there are laws which prevent you from buying something from a particular country. These kinds of issues come up all the time. Imagine how Bitcoin facilitates lives of rich people with loads of money. 

Foolproof Cyber Security Measures 

You can use the blockchain in Bitcoin to look at the most recent transactions taking place. All you need is internet access to search for the record of the Bitcoin history. The users of Bitcoin can easily choose between going public or completely hiding their privacy. This way they can choose the way they like to use this cryptocurrency. You do not need to identify yourself to the Bitcoin protocol. There are no compliance requirements to meet. 

None Of The Usual Inflation 

No matter which currency you try to store, it has that inflation impact on it. Inflation is a result of many micro and macroeconomic factors affecting a country. There are around 21 million bitcoins in the market. The demand for Bitcoins remains high despite many countries facing economic hardships. A Truly Global Currency Bitcoin is a truly global currency which does not consider where you live, who you are, and what you do. It is available to everyone who has a potential use for it. The peer-to-peer method ensures that you directly get the money into your account. You do not have to report to any third party or financial institution. And finally, you can send as much cryptocurrency as you would like to.

Top 4 Bitcoin Wallets

Hardware wallets offer better security than software wallets against scams or theft. In case you misplace your wallet, you can easily recover all your bitcoins on a new wallet. Let’s have a look at some of the best bitcoin hardware wallets that you can consider using: 

Ledger Nano S 

It is known as the best bitcoin hardware wallet widely preferred by most users. Light in weight, Ledger Nano S is a multicurrency wallet which comes with a large number of advanced features. It is made on smartcard device which needs to be directly connected to a USB port to manage your account. Ledger Nano S is also companionable with Chrome on Linux, Windows 7-10, and Mac 10.8+. It also comes with free updates to protect your cryptocurrency investment. It can also be utilized with a cellular device using a USB adapter. Your digital money is kept protected with the usage of a PIN code and microchip. 


Trezor is another storage tool for Bitcoins which is considered as one of the best hardware wallet solutions available in the market. It comes with the advanced cryptocurrencies security options making it highly reliable. Trezor is fully compatible with Linux, Windows 7-10, and OS 10.8+. Your digital money is protected by the distinctive PIN that safeguards your data from hackers. Besides, the Trezor device generates a recovery seed at the time of device initialization which helps in restoring all date including transactions history and private keys. The functionalities of Trezor are very similar to a Ledger Nano S but Trezor is a bit pricier than Ledger. 


Founded on a USB interface, KeepKey is another widely-preferred bitcoin hardware wallet. KeepKey is designed in a unique way making it more reliable. When you start configuring or using KeepKey, you'll be asked to assess and approve every transaction that will be done to support the authorization facility which is delivered by this hardware wallet. Another exciting feature of the KeepKey is that it can collaborate with any popular wallet software while managing a deal signing, private key generation, and key storing. It also comes with random number generator which generates a private key for your bitcoins. KeepKey consists a big screen which makes it easy for you to navigate and see the Wallet Address. 


OpenDime is commonly known as a ‘Bitcoin Stick' that allows you to spend Bitcoins in a way that regular cash is paid. It comes in a mini USB shape, OpenDime can be connected to any USB port in case you want to check your balance. You can also unseal it anytime if you’re going to spend BTC online. It is easy to set up this amazing device by simply plugging it into a USB port. Crypto hardware wallet provides excellent security, and you can use it for your daily bitcoin transactions with ease. 

Crypto Conclusion

Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and Bitcoin are all here to stay. It's your job to stay up to date on the status of Bitcoin and to protect your investment as the markets and technologies change.

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