My Inspirational Figures in Fitness

Sorry Bruce Willis, but you're Expendable when it comes to my Fitness Influences :)
My biggest influences are probably the bodybuilding and fitness icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. This is not because of their movies, politics, or fame. It is because they came from nothing, paved their own way, and used fitness as a stepping stone to incredible careers and accomplishments. While I acknowledge that they have used (and in Stallone's case continue to use) performance enhancing drugs, which I do not condone, they still are responsible for the emergence of the fitness industry that is helping to combat our nation's obesity epidemic and improve our healthcare system. I have also been greatly inspired by my parents for their natural athleticism, strength, toughness, fitness achievements, and commitment to improving themselves and their health.

My parents (dad shown above) are also strong influences as healthy, tough, and athletic individuals
I have many other influences in fitness but there are almost too many to mention. I have plenty of business influences as well, but that is a post for my business blog...

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