More Personal Opinions on "The Biggest Loser" Show and Other Weight Loss Challenges

I've already posted an article about my thoughts on "The Biggest Loser" and other weight loss competitions. I have mixed opinions on shows like "The Biggest Loser". I'll start with the good aspects of it. The Biggest Loser is a very motivating show so anything that gets people off of their butts and into a workout regimen is just fine with  me. There are Biggest Loser competitions all over the country, probably in other countries as well. I've even run several Biggest Loser competitions at gyms I've worked at. People get very motivated and the enthusiasm is contagious. It proves that even somebody that has been unhealthy their whole life, or gone down the wrong path, can change their lives with the power of exercise and nutrition. 

Then there are the negative aspects of it. The contestants on the show are embarrassed in front of millions of people at the start of the show. The contestants workout about 4 hours a day and 6 days a week which is not even close to healthy or realistic for the average person. This is also dangerous for sedentary and severely overweight individuals. I disagree with a lot of the high impact exercises and challenges that they have the contestants do because the risk-benefit ratio is way too high for injury or health risks. The contestants are weighed every week which is not necessarily the best way to do things. 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week is normal healthy weight loss for the average person, usually a little higher if the individual has a lot of weight to lose. Some contestants lose 10-20 lbs in 1 week which means that they are losing water and muscle weight, very unhealthy. Also, the focus is solely on scale weight and not overall bodyfat percentage which gives you a better picture of their progress. Because the workouts that the contestants go through are designed almost purely for weight loss and minimal muscle gain, once they contest is over the contestants can easily put the weight back on very quickly. The low amount of muscle mass they have from their workouts causes a reduced metabolism and they are more susceptible to weight gain. There is also a lot of blatant product placement and supplements used on television that may not be the best choices for everyone. The show is now a cash cow and everyone from female trainer Jillian Michaels to the network are trying to get as much money from it as possible.

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