Nutritional Supplements To Gain Muscle & Where To Buy Affordably

Hey thanks for your friend request. Glad to accept.  I just started to work out and wanted to add some supplements. I'm already taking Whey Protein and I was told to take some Creatine too. Would you recommend taking "creatine monohydrated or Buffered creatine" (Krealkalyn). they're both sold at I also was told to take fish oil (don't know what kind though) and Beta alanine, Amino acids and Casein....What do you think?  I'm 5'8'' and 158lbs. I wanna get about 15 to 20 pounds of muscle but I can settle for less. I'm slim to average body type but would like to concentrate more on my upper body. Any other website or store that I can buy that stuff? GNC seems to be way too expensive... Thanks a lot man and have a great weekend 

Frugal Answer:
I think those supplement recommendations are pretty solid, it will cost a hell of a lot less money to purchase creatine monohydrate than buffered creatine / Krealkalyn and may work just as well. I personally also prefer whey protein powder over amino acids or BCAA's because it's cheaper and more versatile. Make sure you eat plenty of calories as well including plenty of lean proteins, you won't put on much or any muscle unless you have a higher than normal overall calorie intake.
GNC Creatine Monohydrate: Simple Yet Effective
As for websites to order supplements and save money, most sites are better than GNC. I used to go there all the time but their brand of products (the only ones sometimes at decent prices) are usually mediocre at best and the other brands they sell are ridiculously expensive. isn't bad depending on the product but you will usually get better deals on or for a lot of those supplement products. Try out those websites and hopefully you will have better luck when it comes to prices.

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