Proasis All Natural Protein Shot by Protica Review

     I just had the pleasure of sampling some Proasis All Natural Protein Shots and I was pleasantly surprised. What I am usually concerned about when it comes to protein shots is Taste and Thickness of the liquid. The taste was very good, especially served cold, and even more so because it contains no artificial sweeteners (only a small amount of Stevia) which are usually staples in these types of products. I also hate when protein drinks and shots are too thick so that they remind me of drinking medicine. The drink is actually pretty light and I had no problem drinking it slowly or chugging it down. No stomach aches or digestive distress.

Each vial is 120 calories, 100 of them being from the 25 grams of high-quality complete protein. There is no fat content and only 5 grams of sugar, all of which is natural cane sugar. Combine the simple sugars with the potassium and sodium content, and you have a very solid post-workout drink. The "Actinase" enzyme addition is patent-pending and may improve digestion and breakdown of the high protein content. The 25 grams of protein is ideal for most individuals, those larger individuals trying to put a lot of muscle might prefer drinking 1 and a half of these vials post-workout. There are no artificial sweeteners Proasis is also certified Heart Friendly by the Food Certification Institute. The vial is nearly unbreakable and contains none of the common contaminants or allergic risks of many supplements and foods (such as gluten, wheat, egg, or GMO contamination).

Protica is an under-rated but highly regarded nutritional supplement company that has been around for a long time. They created Profect, which is the original protein vial. There are a lot of other imitators out there now but many of them either have inferior ingredients, taste, nutritional value, or all of the above. You can check out their products at their website.

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