Frugal Fitness Teen & Adults Performance Nutrition Guide

The following outline is what I would recommend for the average teenager (that has already hit puberty) or adult. Manipulating your carbohydrate and protein consumption before, during, and after a workout can help to maximize the performance and recovery of your workout, competition, race, etc. Your carbohydrates are your main source of energy and you need to time them correctly depending on your physical activity and goals. Complex carbohydrates need to be consumed hours before your workout because they take much longer to digest and have a higher fiber content (Conley et al, 1996). Several hours before your workout you may want to consume some healthy fat as well if you are going to engage in a long endurance workout because you may require more energy from fat sources. Bodybuilders and individuals looking to lose weight usually do not need to worry about consuming healthy fats before a workout. Simple carbohydrates may be taken within an hour before your workout for a quick-digesting source of energy. Easily digested protein such as whey protein powder may be ingested before a workout if you are trying to maintain or gain lean muscle mass (Almada et al, 2007).

During a workout, I recommend drinking water unless you are sweating profusely, working out for a prolonged period of time, working out in the heat, or seriously trying to put on weight. In this case, I would recommend drinking a diluted sports drink like Gatorade. When I say diluted, I would drink only 1/3 or ½ Gatorade and the rest would be water. Some bodybuilders like to drink caffeine, carbohydrate drinks, or protein shakes during their workout but I think this is overkill and a waste of money. Within 15 minutes after your workout is complete, you need to replenish the carbohydrates you burned for energy and create a more anabolic (muscle-building) environment for your muscles. A quick digesting protein such as whey protein powder immediately post-workout may help to enhance muscle recovery and promote muscle growth and increases in natural anabolic hormone levels (Campbell et al, 2007).

For An Athlete/Runner:
3 Hours Pre-Workout:              Large serving of complex carbohydrates, some healthy fat and protein
1 Hour Pre-Workout:               Serving of simple carbohydrates
During Workout:                      Diluted sports drink or water
Post-Workout:                          About 50-60 grams of simple carbs and 20 grams of whey protein

For A Bodybuilder:
3 Hours Pre-Workout:              Serving of complex carbohydrates, protein shake
1 Hour Pre-Workout:               Protein shake and/or creatine product, caffeine
During Workout:                      Water
Post-Workout:                          0-60 grams of simple carbs and 35 grams of whey protein

For Someone Trying To Lose Weight:
3 Hours Pre-Workout:              Serving of complex carbohydrates, lean protein
1 Hour Pre-Workout:               Whey protein powder in water, caffeine

During Workout:                      Water  
Post-Workout:                          Whey protein powder in water

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