Cooking Tip: Spice Up Your Life, Meals, & Metabolism w/ Chili Peppers and Chili Oil!

By Marissa Bognanno of "The Boot" Blog


I really want this post to be about the Spice Girls, but it's not. It's about chili oil. Which, I have to admit, is just as zippy and poppy as the Spice Girls. It turns your average spud into a hot potato! And simple bread into spicy bruschetta! And boring side vegetables into peppery broccoli and zesty zucchini!  I should be in marketing.

Gather up some dried chilies (if you're in Italy, peperoncino) and chop them up, careful not to rub your eyes here. Place them in a jar and add good extra virgin olive oil. The longer they marinate together, the spicier your oil will be. And that's it! Chili peppers burn fat, you guys, and fight sinuses and can lower blood pressure. That's a lot of life-spicing-up right there. So drizzle away!

[I couldn't not do this. Mel B was so ahead of her time with the leopard. And I'm not sure what's going on with the boomerangs, but I still love it.]

Note: Frugal Fitness does not like The Spice Girls, even though he admits their music is catchy. He would rather listen to The Red Hot Chili Peppers har har har :) He does however love eating Chili Peppers in Oil! Mmmmmmmm

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