Bulking Up After Hitting A Plateau? Your Questions Answered!

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I have a question for ya, since I enjoy your articles/videos figured Id ask you, hopefully you dont mind. I've been a cop the Air Force for about two years and I've been liftin heavily and consistently since I joined. My primary goal has been gaining bulk so primarily its been a lot of heavy compound lifting of 3 sets, 6-12 reps but recently I've hit a pretty solid plateau. I always thought plateaus were kinda a myth and wouldn't happen to me haha but I was wrong. I started at 140 lbs now im at 160 with a goal of reaching 170-175 so I want to keep building mass. Do you have any suggestions? Im always doing a lot of fitness research and most articles say just change up rep range and sets but will I be able to keep gaining muscle mass during this time? I'm just looking for any extra info or your thoughts on this process. Thank you for any help my friend.

Frugal Fitness Answer:
Thank you so much for your service and congrats on the bulking so far. I would say you don't always have to go heavier, I've been able to put on more mass with lifting lighter weights but really incorporating tons of supersets, compound sets, drop sets, monster sets, and negative reps/sets in all of my workouts. You also want to make sure that you are alternating between barbell, dumbbell, and cable variations of many core exercises such as chest presses, chest flies, rows, pulldowns, etc to keep your body adapting to new stimuli. Also mentally focus on maximizing muscle contraction of targeted muscle, a lot of reps I just pause and squeeze. Obviously heavy compound movements are the way to go but after I burnout bigtime with isolation cable and dumbbell exercises. Also for maximal bulkup, gotta have extra protein and calories and minimize cardiovascular workouts.

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