Buy Pre-Made Protein Shakes Or Make Your Own? Your Questions Answered!

The great protein debate rages on! As a self-proclaimed "Epic CheapSkate", you might automatically assume that I would opt for the cheaper option every time when it came to my soy protein shakes. And you would be right...for the most part. Your quick assumption ignores an often forgotten principle though: "Time = Money!" It takes time to mix the protein shakes, clean the (shaker) cup, and mix it up. That being said, I am going to go into the frugality and nutrition pros and cons of both options for getting in your supplementary protein liquid!

Making Your Own Soy Protein Shakes:
-Cost per drink and per gram of protein is much lower on average
-Can customize how much protein, thickness, flavor, and ingredients you want
-Protein powder stays good for a long time in tub and even in shaker cup from my experience
-Customize how simple or complex you want the drink! Just add water or add a plethora of ingredients!
-You can sip on protein powder in water throughout a day w/o fear of it going bad unlike some pre-made
-Sometimes less filler for preservative or texture/consistency purposes
-Usually a better option for strict dieters or those having a lot of trouble losing stubborn bodyfat

An example of a cheap shaker cup for portable protein shakes
-Messy (powder can fly everywhere) and cleanup of shaker cup (can get smelly) and/or blender
-Blender drinks can often require a lot of time and ingredients depending on your recipe
-Taste is often very bland or bad in just water, often requiring other ingredients (more time, mess, money)
-Other ingredients can escalate price per drink drastically to similar levels of
-Same price or even more expensive than pre-made at some premium gyms / health clubs / sports clubs

Buying Pre-Made Soy Protein Shakes:

-RTD = Ready To Drink! Convenience factor is huge on the go. Save Time = Save Money!
-Disposable / Recyclable so you don't have to carry around or risk losing shaker cup etc
-Wider selection and better flavors / nutrition than years past and getting better every year with competition
-No mess, no fuss, no cleanup.
-May include some cool ingredients and extracts that aren't as easily purchased or utilized by most people

-More expensive on average per drink and per gram of protein than making your own
-Less flexibility on the amount of protein per drink
-Less flexibility on ingredient or flavor customization
-Not always available at every store or shop (although becoming much more commonplace)
-Some are very thick (at least in my opinion), and definitely less palatable if they aren't nice and cold

So as with anything else, you need to take this information and make your own decisions as to what works best for you. One thing is for certain, with soy protein powder and soy protein pre-made shakes out there, it is easier and more affordable than ever to get in our daily protein for optimal health and performance. Cheers!


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