Supplement Review: GNC's Beyond Raw REFINE Fat Burner / Energy Booster

What's up Frugal Fitness Fans! I know you love hearing about my favorite Frugalicious Nutrition products, so I got another review for y'all! For the past 8 weeks or so, I've been taking one of GNC's relatively new products "REFINE" from their fantastic new hardcore line of supplements "Beyond Raw". REFINE is a hardcore and very effective energy booster and fat burner with clinically tested ingredients. You take it in the morning and/or pre-workout for a massive pick me up and performance boost! You have caffeine, micronutrients, amino acids, and herbal ingredients all working in synergy to power up your workouts! And since it is made by GNC, it can be a more Frugal alternative mass-builder, especially with GNC's Gold Card discounts and sales. I'm a big fan of REFINE, here is how I've been using it and enjoying it's benefits!

Since I've been using it I've been doing my normal mix of 4-5 days of resistance training for bodybuilding focus (so muscle group splits usually), along with 3-5 days of low-moderate cardio (walking, jogging, exercise bike). Each workout is about 45-60 minutes long on average. With REFINE added to my daily regimen, I can tackle these workouts even while working 5-60+ hours a week! I've even been sick a bit recently, and normally once I feel better, it takes a day or two to get back in the swing of things in the fitness department! Not anymore!!

I recovered from being sick much quicker and had energy to burn the day I wasn't sick anymore! I got in a great workout instead of just a mediocre gradual one. Because of my increased training intensity and longevity, plus the key ingredients in REFINE, my bodyfat is down and muscle mass is up!

How do I take my REFINE? I take it in the morning usually with my high protein breakfast for a boost right off the bat. It works better than coffee and it's much quicker and more convenient! Also, about 30-60 minute pre-workout I will take it, especially if I feel like I'm dragging a bit that day. I just take it with plenty of water and often times a protein shake (Re-Built Mass anyone?). Plus, you can take it along with GNC's other Beyond Raw Series supplements such as Re-Forge and Ravage for even more synergistic benefits!

How will REFINE help you? That's for you to find out, I highly recommend giving it a try today! You can order it online on or at your local GNC store. Don't forget to get your Frugal discount with your Gold Card! :) Enjoy the more intense workouts and fat-burning!

Check Out This Workout I Like To Do With REFINE To Get RIPPED!

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