Amy & Helen's Healthy Tidbits: Small Steps To Self-Improvement

Contributed By Helen Chin Lui, Owner of The Healing Place in Medfield, MA

We have just finished the first quarter of the new year! Spring is here and soon summer... 
Have you all stuck to your resolutions? If weight loss and exercising more was one of them, here are some stick to it ideas!
Rather then biting off more then you can chew,  (Pun definitely intended!) its about baby steps.  Just changing one thing in your diet from a "not so good" food choice to a better one will help you on your way to weight loss and better health!Just eating a few bites less will pay off in the battle of losing weight. If you stop drinking soda and that is all that you do! You will save yourself 17 teaspoons of sugar which is a lot of sugar. Can you imagine how much sugar that is at the end of a year!? yikes!  these small tweaks can reduce your weight by 10lbs a year!!!  

If you just commit yourself to 10 minute or 10 minutes more of exercise per day your heart will thank you!!!  It is about sticking to it rather then pushing yourself. The consistency is what will pay off.  If you incorporate strength training you will be building lean muscle mass which in turn will burn fat!! 

So lets take the baby steps to better stronger health!!

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