Five Frugalicious Fitness Tips!

1) If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, insist on a free trial workout to make sure you like the workout style and trainer personality. It's always good to double check, plus you get a an extra free session out of it (could save you $30-100 depending on where you are getting trained!). I always offer prospective clients at least a complimentary 30 minute training session to make sure it will be a good fit for both of us.

2) Before signing up for a gym, insist on getting a free day, week, or even 2 week pass! The customer service at the front desk might not always offer, but if you ask there is a good chance you could get it! If you really want to try and negotiate a free trial, ask for the manager! Remember: Everything's Negotiable!

3) Don't forget to get a copy of your gym membership contract for your health insurance so you can get a reimbursement for this year, if you qualify. Your gym will usually just require you to sign a quick form and you or them will send to your insurance company along with any of their required paperwork. You can usually get $100-$300 back if you've belonged to the gym all year!

4) Want To Bulk Up without Going Broke? Better BUY IN BULK! Gaining lean and clean muscle is not easy, and can be much harder than losing weight, especially if you are a "hardgainer". It can also be very expensive, but if you buy non-perishables

5) Need some last minute Holiday cards? Don't feel like spending $4 per Hallmark Card? I buy mine at the Dollar Tree 2 cards for $1, including envelopes! Some of them are actually pretty solid too! So if you get a card from me, you know I either paid next to nothing for it (unless I made you an amazingly terrible hand-made card). CHEAPNESS FOR THE WIN! And no Dollar Tree isn't paying me to write this, I wish, if they would like to I'd be all for it *cough cough* :)

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