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Eat Like A Frugal Champ with Marked Nutrition Protein Bars!

Hey Frugal Fitness fans I'm here, the purveyor of protein and emperor of frugality! Got the chance to review another great protein product from Marked Nutrition and GNC, the Marked Nutrition Protein Bars! If you know me at all, you know that I am a fan of all things protein, portability, and convenience. I take these bad boys with me on the go all over the great state of Massachusetts as I train clients, take care of pets, get in my workouts, have business meetings, and any other randomness that comes my way. The whopping 25 grams of protein keeps my muscles fueled throughout the day along with the fiber and micronutrients to keep me going. 

My Whole Marked Nutrition Line of Products By GNC Live Well
I liked a lot of things about the Marked Nutrition line of premium science-based products. First off, it is brought to you by GNC who are the leaders in performance nutrition. Secondly, the Marked products are Banned Substance Free which is always a big concern to me these days with some nutrition and supplement companies falling short on quality ingredients. And third, they taste great! These bars and the rest of their line are a party for your taste buds as well as your muscles! Booyah!

If you want to get jacked and cut like Marky Mark Wahlberg, Get Marked Today!
I like to get my Marked products on the GNC website with my GNC Gold Card (never leave home without it), but you can also go to your local store and save 20% with your Gold Card and browse other local specials and sales in person (I've found some great stuff over the past 9 years there)! Now that is even more frugalicious! Enjoy and Get Marked!

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