How To Book Your Massage Therapy Online

It had been three long years since I last had a massage, and I needed one badly. Years of Frugal Workouts, portable personal training adventures, a half dozen moves, and endless computer work have taken a toll on my frugal body. So when I heard about Zeel, I was very happy to learn it was very easy to find affordable and effective massage therapists, among other wellness practitioners, online or by phone. I hate the phone, so obviously I go the online route and BAM I get my epic massage scheduled in 45 seconds. They have great in-home services that I was about to take advantage of but I realized my apartment was a mess and I found a great licensed massage therapist the next town over in West Newton. So later in the week I flew over in the Frugal Mobile (Honda Accord w/ Frugal Fitness Bumper Stickers) to meet with Kate Peck, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer (always a plus, and from my college curriculum I know Athletic Trainers are very knowledgeable people).

I arrived at the Journey To Health office in West Newton, MA and met with Kate. She was very nice and polite and I filled out my medical info and the chart outlining where I hurt (Can I just circle the whole body? Just kidding, only a few chronic issues and nothing to write home about). Got a great therapeutic massage with some deep tissue, craniosacral, and myofascial work as well. I needed it all. It was incredibly relaxing and healing, just what I needed after some crazy new personal training clients in downtown Boston (and dragging my workout bag on the subway and many blocks). I felt like a million bucks after my session and will definitely be using again in the near future.

Users can book online with in-home massage therapists in the Boston area on Zeel. Outside of Boston, you can browse for in-home massage therapists nationwide.

Kate Peck, my expert Zeel Massage Therapist!
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Not only can you search by service, location, and price, but you can also get a $25 credit from on your first massage! Now that is an epic Frugal Fitness savings if I do say so myself. Treat yourself today, because massage therapy isn't just a luxury, it's essential body therapy that can help to improve range of motion, reduce injury risk, stimulate the immune system, reduce stress, and coax lean muscle growth. So do it up today, save money, and save hassel with Zeel! Also a great gift idea since the holiday season is coming up pretty soon...

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