Frugal Nutrition: Eating Healthy On The Road

Contributed By Amanda Loudin, Author of Miss Zippy

Since having kids, when we go on a trip for longer than a night or two, we pretty much always stay in a condo. For one, it gives us all some room to spread out. For two, and to me most importantly, it gives us a kitchen. And having a kitchen on a trip is among my tips for staying healthy on the road. Read on:

1. Have a kitchen–I know it’s a treat to get away from cooking when on vacation, but I also know that I don’t want to eat crap just because I’m away. We always buy food for breakfast and lunch and eat just about 100 percent of these meals in the condo. With dinner, I shoot for making about 50 percent of the meals at home, that way still giving us some eating out time, but cooking simple, healthy meals the rest of the time.
2. Eat locally–If we go somewhere warm in winter or spring, I seek out any local farmer’s markets so that I can find fresh local foods. This trip, for instance, I found great local corn and watermelon. And–the kids went fishing this time and literally caught our dinner one night.This was dinner one night
3. Find stores you know–At home I shop Trader Joe’s, sometimes Whole Foods, and local natural foods stores. I look for the same on vacation, which makes the shopping easier and faster.

4. Make meals simple–Like I said, it’s vacation and no one wants to spend tons of time cooking. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming. I cook the easiest of meals when I’m away and everyone is still happy with it.
5. Still eat out a bit–Restaurants don’t have to be unhealthy either. We don’t eat fast food at home, so we’re not going to change those habits on the road, either. We find decent restaurants on the road (it may even be local pizza/pasta) so that we all get the treat of eating out a couple of nights. You can easily do this and not compromise your eating habits.
So that’s it. Not only do you get to eat a better diet while on the road this way, but you save money, too. I”m quit sure my day-one grocery bill is far cheaper than a trip’s worth of restaurant meals, and no one in the family is unhappy with this method of eating on the road either. Win/win.
How do you eat when traveling?   

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