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Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! It's the emperor of frugality and exercise with another amazing opportunity to win great stuff, and improve your fitness at the same time! I'm proud to say that I've teamed up with Premier Protein to help challenge YOU all to join me and push yourself beyond your limits. I'm talkin about using their low sugar, low calorie, and high protein delicious bars and shakes to help give you the "Energy For Every Day" that you'll need to reach a new health and fitness level. As you'll see in this video, I am making my main goal to run my fastest 5k time in the last DECADE! (and ideally under 21 minutes, that's under 7 minute mile pace!) 


So not only am I challenging myself and all of you to step things up a notch, I'm also supporting a great cause (cancer research that this specific race is raising money for, please donate or join me by visiting the link at the end of this post), but also giving away some incredible prizes over the next 3 months! Each month, including this one, comment on the video and leave your biggest health and fitness goal (and ideally your motivating factors, experience, obstacles, etc), and immediately be entered free for incredible prize packs of Tons of Premier Protein Shakes, Bars, Cool Shwag, and $200!! 3 very lucky winners each month!!! All the great stuff you could want to help keep your fitness nice and frugal, and to help you reach or exceed your goals!

I've got my work cut out for me to reach my goal. I know personally that I need to increase my running frequency, distances, and most importantly speed. I need to reduce my bodyfat (less weighing me down) and also transition a bit away from bodybuilding and powerlifting style workouts to more endurance and cross-training type lifting workouts. Nutritionally it also means lots of lean protein (sans extra carbs and fats), so BOOM that's where the Premier Protein comes in for me. I know it's going to be rough though training in the cold New England winter, and blocking off time while I'm working Full Time and running a large and complex fitness business. Watch the video above, Subscribe To Frugal Fitness TV, Like & Follow Premier Protein on Facebook and Twitter, Enter The Contest, and Check Back next month for a new video and an update on my progress!

Join Me In The Race, Support The Cause, Or Check My Results! 

So whether you're a stressed out CEO, a weekend warrior, or construction worker, you can all benefit from the delicious and power-packed lean shakes and bars from Premier Protein. I'm a huge fan, and I know I'll need them to go out and run hard on those 20 degree winter days in Boston!!

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