Toned Abs, Obliques, & Hip Flexor Home Workout

Frugal Fitness World Wide Wellness Frugally Fit Home Abs Workout Free

Enjoy this simple home workout to help tone up your midsection and thighs! 

x = 1 Set of 15+ repetitions

Alternate different exercises including abs / lower back movements.

1x Crunches (Warmup)
1x Hip Bridges (Warmup)
3x Heel Tappers
2x Russian Twists
2x Reverse Crunches
2x Straight Leg Raises
2x Single Leg Hip Bridge Raises
2x Alternating Single Leg Hip Bridge 1 Second Holds
2x Abdominal Bicycles
2x Plank Holds w/ Alternating Back Leg Raises
1x Plank Hold 30+ seconds (final exercise)

*Stretch* to end workout

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