Free Home Obliques Toning Workout

free home obliques toning workout frugal fitness exercise

Those sought after obliques adding definition to your six pack abs and replacing your love handles are made primarily in the kitchen... and usually plenty of cardio needed as well. But regardless you'll still need to strengthen those oblique muscles for an overall toned midsection and strong core. 

Here is a great simple yet effective free core training workout to help bring out those obliques while saving money and maximizing convenience.

x = 1 set of 15-30 reps

1x Crunches (warm up)
1x Hip Bridges (warm up)
2x Single Leg Hip Bridges 3x Alternating Heel Taps
3x Ab Bicycles
3x Side Crunches
2x Side Planks
2x Flutter Kicks / Scissors

1x Ab Plank Hold 30+ seconds (burnout)

Do this exercise 2-3 times per week along with some frugal cardio, frugal resistance training, and your frugal diet for optimal results every season.

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