Lean & Mean 1500 Calories Free Meal Plan

Enjoy another free frugal healthy meal plan to help you stay lean and mean on any budget. Lose weight and look great!

-1 Cup of Cooked Oatmeal with Splenda / Stevia Brown Sugar 
-1 8 oz Cup Skim Milk 
-1 Cup Orange Juice 
- Cup Coffee with Skim Milk and Splenda 
- Multivitamin and 2 Flaxseed Oil Capsules 

Snack #1: 
- Fat Free Greek Yogurt 

- Grilled Chicken and Lettuce in a whole wheat pita wrap, light salad dressing 
- Green Tea 
- Cup of Carrots 

Snack #2: 
-1 Cup Blueberries 

- 3 oz baked, broiled, or grilled Chicken 
- 1 Medium Sweet Potato 
- 1 Cup Green Beans 
- Decaf Green Tea 

Snack #3: 
-3 Cups of Light or Low-Fat Popcorn

Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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