Total Body Training Circuit Workout

Triumph with this total body training circuit workout at your local frugal gym!

Warmup: Foam Roller + 5 Minutes ArcTrainer w/arms

Circuit 1 
- 2 Minutes Boxing at heavy bag 
- Twisting Crunches on Stability Ball 15 on each 
- Quadripeds on Stability Ball 2 second holds, 8 reps each 
- Pushups 
- Tricep Dips off step, stair, or treadmill 
- 3 Minutes Cardio Wave Machine

Circuit 2

- 3 Minutes Overhand Cardio Row Machine 
- Single Arm Dumbbell Row w/ 15 lb dumbbell in lunge position 
- Kettlebell Swings with 8kg kettlebell 
- Wide Squats holding 8kg kettlebell 
- Leg Raises on Roman Chair / Tricep Dip Stand 
- Mountain Climbers on upside down BoSu ball (20 on each leg) 

Circuit 3 

- 3 Minutes Underhand Cardio Row Machine 
- Russian Twists with 5 lb plate (20 taps on each side) 
- Single Leg Hip Bridge 10 on each leg 
- Alternating heel taps 20 taps on each side 
- Plank with alternating leg raises 8 on each 
- Partial Tricep Dips on Dip Stand / Roman Chair machine

Circuit 4 

- 3 Minutes ArcTrainer Elliptical Hands Free
- Chest Press machine 12 Reps Each Grip
- Lat Pulldown Machine 8 Reps Each Palms Forward & Reverse 
- Leg Press 160-180 lbs Knees start at 90 degrees flexion 
- 5 Minutes Stairclimber 


5 Minutes Stairmaster + Foam Roller + Stretch

Don't forget to rest, stay hydrated, and eat well!

Hit it hard and reach your fitness goals this year!!

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