BeMoore Fitness Box Leg Day Workout & Video

Enjoy this frugal leg workout from Bernadette Moore, owner and personal trainer of BeMoore Fitness!

This leg day workout is a little more advanced. The single leg exercises are great for strength and balance. However, because a lot of balance is involved, please make sure to try each exercise without weight, if the moves are new to you! 

Many lower body programs or workouts do not focus enough of single leg movements. It is such a great way to challenge yourself and to work on strength in balance. When it comes to unilateral movements, patience is key. It is not uncommon to start of a little wobbly. With each set, you will become a little more comfortable with the movement. 

The workout is set up in sets and reps as shown here: 

4x10 ea. Step up + back lunge 

4x10 ea. Single leg get up *start this one without weight! 

4x15  Box squat jumps 

4x10 ea. Single-leg press ups (side step up w/o moving up and off)

4x10 Box jumps + step off (you can jump down as well if able)

4x5 ea. Bulgarian split squats supersetted w/ 5 Split squats jumps 

*When supersetting, you are to move directly from the first exercise to the next with no rest between The video below shows the example for each exercise.

Now get after it!

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I hope you enjoyed this free frugal workout.

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