Nanomaterials In Today's Health & Medical Products

nanomaterials in health medical products

Nanomaterials serve many purposes and impact our lives in many ways. They can even be used in many medical applications including implants. For example, if you were to carry out any implants the nanomaterial present in them will protect it against wear and tear as well as prevent those implants from resist infection. Then there are nanoparticles, which are heavily employed under pharmaceutical drugs. 

These particles help body to absorb those medicines easily. You can deliver these medications in patients in a fairly simple manner by combining medical devices together. The biggest example here is that of chemotherapy. When relevant drugs are combined with nanoparticles they kill cancer cells in the body. 

Did you know nanoparticles also help in the development of improved vehicle fuel efficiency? I bet you didn’t! Well, news flash! They do! They not only do that but also prevent corrosion in vehicle body parts which are made from the material called Nano composite. 

Nano composite is lighter and chemically tolerant than its counterpart i.e. metal. Nano filters, on the other hand, greatly improve the gas mileage by eradicating any airborne particles present before they reach the combustion chamber. 

The uses are numerous. One such use is that of nanoparticles or Nano fibers in fabrics which prevents them from getting stained or, in other words, increases fabrics’ resistance against stains. Fabrics are vulnerable to water and fire. So the nanoparticles/fibers instill resistance against the aforesaid two as well. 

The resulting fabric neither increases in weight nor becomes thick. It will be in its original state without any stiffness of any kind. Another use is in water filters. Those water filters which are 15-20 nanometers in size can easily remove Nano-sized particles. Who could have thought that applications could be as far as treating water for bacteria and other viruses? 

Not only this water purification technique cost efficient but also serves as portable water drinking mechanism in developing countries. Other commercial uses include carbon nanotubes which are used in creating sports equipment. Consequently, the equipment is good on strength and lighter in weight. 

An example could be of a tennis racket made of carbon nanotubes. It bends less whilst playing with it or upon impact with the ball. Secondly, the power and precision with which you hit the ball reaches next level. The ball made of nanoparticles bounces twice as much than your average tennis ball(s). 

Now let’s talk about some personal care items such as the sunscreen. Usually products like sunscreens that are used today are created from nanoparticles. Why? It is because nanoparticles allow for effective absorption of sun rays (which spurs Vitamin D production), thus diffusing the intensity of UV light when it falls on human body. 

We all know how harmful UV radiation can be for human beings causing permanent damage to eyes and diseases such as skin cancer. So with nanoparticles based sunscreens you are more than just protected, these particles are practically saving your life. These nanoparticles are also employed in food packaging to minimize the level of UV therein leading to prolonged shelf life. 

The bottles we drink from are composed of plastics which contain Nano clays and which in turn, makes us impervious to attacks by elements of oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture. This leads to preservation of drink bottles for several months since carbonation and pressure increases. 

It is also thanks to nanotechnology that we can now detect harmful chemicals through motion sensors even there at an extremely low level. Here we are talking about a single molecule out of billions. Such is the nanotechnology. This is especially helpful when performing tests/experiments in labs, airports and/or at industrial sites. 

Last but not the least, Nano sensors can be used in medical science for the identification of specific cells or substances in the body.

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