A Guide To Achieving Your Fitness Goals One Victory At A Time

how to achieve fitness goals one step at a time

When it comes to fitness, setting goals is incredibly important. You need to know what you are aiming for, the areas you want to improve, and an achievement point that you can fixate on. In essence, goals are as vital to your fitness success as hours logged in the gym or sit-ups performed. 

However, it is worth acknowledging that there are times when your fitness goals seem so far from your grasp that you actually become disheartened. You’re committed, and you’re not going to give up trying, but you’re also struggling with the day-to-day and workout-to-workout minutiae. 

You may find it reassuring to learn that this kind of malaise is not uncommon, but it’s definitely an issue you’re going to want to address head-on. If you need a boost to keep you going, then you may be surprised to discover the answer is simpler than you imagined: you need competition. 

Why Does Competition Matter For Fitness? 

Competition is a great motivator. If you’re a competitive person -- and most of us are, at heart -- then being spurred on by other people can give you the boost you need. You’re no longer solely focused on yourself, distracted by those fitness goals of yours that hover in the future. When you compete, you have the opportunity to achieve something immediately, in the moment, and give yourself a boost of achievement right now. 

Who Should You Compete With? 

If you accept competition could reinvigorate your training regime, you then need to find a source for your competitive spirit. There are a few kinds of competition you may want to experiment with, so you can see which suits you best. 

Train For A Marathon 

When you train for a marathon, the competition isn’t the other runners or you, it’s the marathon itself. The 26 miles lays down a challenge, you accept, and there can only be one winner. Will the distance win the day; or do you have what it takes to thrive and survive? Marathon training is inherently rewarding, and you’ll feel an absolute thrill of victory when you cross the line on race day. 

Join A Track Team 

Amateur athletics is an interesting pursuit that offers two kinds of competition. First and foremost, there is competition with yourself, which you will focus on during training. Set a new personal best; shave seconds off your time-- it’s all competition! You can then enhance the competitive element by joining a team, introducing track uniforms and team socials to your life, and compete at amateur-level meets. This healthy competition, along with a nice dose of extra socializing; a definite win/win. 

People Who Don’t Know They’re Competing 

This one has an element of silliness that can bring a little good cheer to your workout regime. The next time you’re at the gym, grab a treadmill, and then try to match the pace of someone who is working out near you. Then, try to beat them. They don’t know they’re competing, but the endeavor can give you a determination to match and exceed their performance


These sources of competition should allow you to focus on the moment and enjoy it, while also improving your fitness. In time, these small competitive experiences will allow you to achieve the biggest victory of your life-- achieving your fitness goals.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to achieve your fitness goals by progressing slowly but surely.

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