​4 Muscle Breaking Cardio Moves That Build Mass

muscle breaking cardio moves building muscular mass

Bodybuilders tend to be obsessed with lifting heavy. Which is fair enough, it is an effective way to increase muscle mass and improve overall performance. The problem is that in their zeal for gains they fail to take part in cardio, assuming it will undo their progress. 

Cardio can actually be an effective means of maximizing gains, not losing them. There are exercises that are made to break down muscle and begin to build mass. That doesn’t mean you have to jump on a treadmill or take a Zumba class. 

But adding some cardio into your routine is a good idea for anyone who wants to seriously increase their mass, especially explosive workouts like HIIT or circuit training. Along with diet, it might be one of the most important changes you make. Here are some ideas for muscle breaking and muscle making cardio moves. 


Your gym almost certainly has a rowing machine and you have probably seen some big guys on them before. That is because it is an intensive, fast cardio workout that also works the upper body and back. 

Doing this a few times a week can both build mass and help your upper body to look more cut as you burn subcutaneous fat that might be making you look less defined. 


Most personal trainers love burpees for a reason. Some trainers don't, but that's a different story. Burpees can be done absolutely anywhere, are relatively easy and will get the heart pumping. It uses all of the body so you are getting a more complete workout all at once, instead of piece by piece.

Make sure you watch your form as if you are not properly weight down on each part of the move it will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Use proper form and reps as well to avoid injury.

Mountain Climbers 

Mountain climbers are similar to many other full body moves but keep you low to the ground. This means you rely on your muscles to keep you stable as you move your legs. This is a better move for warming up, so if you include it be sure to do so at the beginning and end of your circuits. You will be breathing hard after this exercise!


You probably already do squats with weights, so you are well aware of their benefits. When in a cardio context, you are going for two things: form and speed. You are wanting to fit more squats in to a shorter period of time in order to adapt it into a cardio workout. Squats help to build up muscles (including your core) and bone density to help prevent injuries and improve performance.

The faster you go - without sacrificing your form and stability - the better. These four moves can take your mass building to the next level, whether you live in San Antonio or elsewhere in the world of wellness.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to utilize cardio to build mass when burning bodyfat while staying on a frugal budget.

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