Swimming For Fitness and Saving Money: How To

It's never late to start being health conscious, but the extra expense is something that keeps us from leading a healthy lifestyle. And yet, being healthy isn't always expensive. You just have to shop around for the best deals on healthy activities around. 

Swimsuit season is the push that drives people to get fit again. If you don’t want to stress out about fitting in the bikini, you just have to read my post about swimsuits and get the one that matches you and your budget. 

Swimming As A Fitness Alternative 

Swimming is a good option for those who hate cardio and workout. Your heart gets an exercise while your body is cool. You don’t get tired as much as if you were running. The water pressure is strong yet gentler on joints and muscles. The whole body will get a workout including the core. Your arms work when you do swim strokes. Legs will work while you propel through the water. Swimming makes glutes exercise as well. Back works best when you do the backstroke. 

Two and a half hours a week will do. You could either swim laps in a pool or swim out in the open sea or ocean (which carries no additional expense). The natural current in the sea will be an additional exercise. 

The Benefits 

The biggest use of your body is it getting flexible and strong. The resistance that you need to overcome while swimming will make your arms stronger. You can also use hand-held paddles, foam noodles, or a kickboard to double the resistance. 

How To Minimize The Cost 

Depending on where you're planning to swim, the cost for this exercise may vary. If you choose to swim in lake, river or the ocean nearby, it will be completely free and more useful. Provided there is no body of water around, joining a poll will cost some. It's highly advisable to shop around for best deals. Many gyms and pools are competing for clients offering quite affordable prices and great deals on new membership. 

Also, there is a chance to go swimming for free for some time. Some gyms offer the first workout for free. This way you could go to various gyms and use your free pass multiple times. Some public schools and other centers offer pool hours for free. 

Be sure to inquire about health insurance policy at your workplace. Some programs will reimburse you for the cost of the gym or pool. 

If You Have A Swimming Pool 

If you have a home pool, it is high time to use it to better your physical shape. Also, remember that proper swimming pool maintenance will better the state of your monthly budget as well. 

- Get a pool cover to keep the water warm and not use the water heater as much. 

- Don't over-clean the pool. Using too many purifiers and filters will not help your swimming exercises. Learn what amount of chemicals you need to keep the water fresh, clean and swimmable. 

Since swimming is a perfect exercise for people of all ages, you can convince your friends and family to join the swimming pool with you. This way, you will get a discount or a lower monthly rate for a joining within a large group of people. 

Understanding how swimming workout benefits your health will pay hundredfold in the future. Not only will you get the beautiful, healthy and flexible body you've been dreaming about, you will also get exercise without exceeding your budget and even improving your financial state. Just be aware that your appetite might increase so stock up on healthy food!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to swim for fitness on a budget.

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Stay Frugal & Fit My Friends!

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