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Frugal Fitness Swimming Question 1:

I swim 20 minutes x day at lunch, 5 times a week medium intensity, like to trim down around my waist.
I also do weight training at night, but not able to increase the intensity. Would you suggest to slow the swimming? I work out with weights about 4/5 times a week, I noticed that I am a bit tight a night lately; Goal is to trim down around the belly button and tone up without losing size. I am about 5'11/6'00 and 200 lbs.

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Fantastic job on the consistent and frequent workouts! Swimming and weight training are a phenomenal combination, however it seems that you are doing a very similar workout each week, every week. Your body has adapted to these workouts and you are not getting nearly the same fat burning or muscle building benefits as you did originally. You need to start mixing things up significantly. First off, have you ever considered doing some weight training at lunch and swimming at night? That way you would have more energy and less stiffness for your lift and could make larger increases in intensity. Another thing option is to change up the amount of time you swim, instead of 20 minutes every time maybe 15 minutes one day of higher intensity, then another day of 30 minutes lower intensity. Maybe throw in some high intensity intervals. Same thing for weight training, try separating your lifting workouts into different muscle group splits, vary the weights you use and repetition scheme (some sets do 6-8 reps with heavy weight, other sets do 15 reps with lighter weight). You could also throw in some different forms of cardio on top of or instead of swimming such as bike, treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, row machine, jump rope, step, etc to shock your body and burn more fat. 

frugal swimming workout

Frugal Fitness Swimming Question 2:

I never thought about changing the daily routine weights during the day, swimming at night. Probably it is because the pool is an outdoor one, the weather is nice here,most of the time, so I want to take advantage of the sun. But it is a nice thought. Recently I did start doing some high-intensity swimming intervals one day, and swim at low intensity next day. Some swimmers are telling me that when I do high intensity intervals, I need to calculate at least a 10 minutes cool down. What is your thought on that? Regarding the weight training what is the length of time you suggest to hit the weights per session? Do you recommend to do high swimming intervals at lunch time and light weights at night or high swimming intervals with high weights ?

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Answer 2:
I would agree that if you are doing high intensity swims you should do a cooldown, 5 minutes should be fine if you don't have 10 minutes. I would do weight training for about 45 minutes, you don't want to do much longer than that especially if you are also swimming that day. If 45 minutes is too easy, then reduce your breaks between sets and get in more exercises. I would recommend doing lighter weights if you did a high intensity or extra long swim earlier that day since you will be in more of a fatigued state. If you did an easy swim or no swim earlier in the day, then feel free to use heavier weights. Swimming is a great option overall to improve your health and well-being through consistent low-impact physical activity.

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