5 Tips For Keeping Fit When Travelling

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It can be difficult to maintain your fitness levels whilst travelling, it’s a challenge that we all struggle with, even at the bets of times. Regardless of how fit and healthy you are, travelling and fitness isn’t always something that works collectively. Of course, a trip away means a break from day to day life, meaning it’s certainly okay to treat yourself. However, introducing a little exercise into your daily fitness routine when travelling can really motivate you to stay on track. In this post, we’re detailing exactly how to do that, without having to be restrictive. 

1. H2O Is Your Best Friend 

When travelling, always carry water with you, especially if you’re walking or partaking in activities throughout the duration of your trip. The recommended daily intake of water is 3 to 4 liters a day. However, you should drink more water than the recommended amount when travelling in warmer climates. Carry a refillable bottle to make it easier. As well, it’s said that those who are dehydrated often think they are hungry, when the real problem is dehydration. 

2. Consider Eating In 

Eating out is a treat, especially when travelling. There’s nothing quite like finding a beautiful restaurant in a new city and getting the opportunity to try local cuisine. That said, not only is eating in a great way to stay on track because you will know exactly what you are eating, but it can also be a fun way to try local cuisine that you have prepared yourself. Most hostels, apartments and AirBnBs have shared or private kitchens for you to cook your own meals. 

3. Burn Fat With HIIT 

Being fit and healthy when travelling doesn’t have to consume a lot of your time. Not everyone has the time to workout when they’re exploring a new and unfamiliar city. That’s why a HIIT workout is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, and it can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and it is a short but effective workout that will get your heart racing. It’s ideal for those wanting to get on with exploring and making the most of the trip, but not wanting their fitness to take a back seat. 

4. Explore Everything By Foot Or Bicycle 

Exploring your surroundings is an inevitable part of your trip, and you can make the most of it by renting a bicycle, all whilst keeping up with your fitness. You’ll likely save a pretty penny on travel, and enjoying the scenic spots along the way will be that much sweeter. As well, if there are places to want to visit and they are within walking distance, avoid the temptation to hire an Uber for the convenience. Pack comfortable walking shoes and get there on foot. 

Written by Rebecca Martin, blog writer at UniBaggage.com.

I hope you enjoyed this article about top tips for keeping fit while traveling on a frugal budget.

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